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Special Thanks To The Following People ...

Aside from the many who made financial gifts, I want to single out a few people who did huge favors to make my bike tour run a lot smoother ...

Zoe Rae Music

My dear friend Zoe is a musician in Nashville who generously wrote a song titled "Superman", which is about me and my bike ride. I've never had a song written about me ... ever. I'm partly embarrassed, but so honored that she wrote this song! Thank you Zoe!

Check out Zoe's music at www.zoeraemusic.com.

Sam Palpant

Sam Palpant of Buena Vista, CO faithfully received my daily text messages and updated the front page of this website. If you were visiting then, you may remember the long list of my daily mileage with starting and ending points. Oh yes, Sam was the man behind bikeacrossamerica.net while I was gone. Thank you Sam! :)

Biking Brian

Brian of Orange, CA did two generous things: Firstly, he was my guide across southern California, particularly through Orange County and the mountain region near Palm Springs. I wouldn't have known where to go a few times without his help. Secondly, Brian allowed my car to be stored in his garage for the seven weeks while I was gone. He even drove it around the block a few times to keep the battery strong. What a friend!

Enjoy Brian's blog about cycling: www.bikingbrian.com.

Ark Collective

My friends at Ark Collective, a backpack company in Santa Ana, bought me some great clothing for my tour. They met me at the beach on Day 1 and presented me with a red and white cycling jersey with this website address and my Twitter address on the back. They also gave me a great second layer in a red sporty shirt and threw in some extra socks. With their new clothing, it felt like I was starting my ride right.

Their website about their backpacks and philanthropy is: www.arkcollective.com.

Chuck Campton
Chuck is a modest man who wouldn't allow me to take a picture of him.

This local friend was a great help to me. Chuck served as my "command central" back home in Buena Vista, Colorado. He picked up my mail, watched my house and received my daily text messages with my location, confirming my safety. He even started Elma now and then, my 1964 Cadillac, that I've been trying to sell.

Kelley Arnold and Family

The Arnolds in south Georgia were a great host family to me. On top of giving me a free place to stay for three nights, Kelley also drove me to the Jacksonville Airport on the day of my flight back west. They've also generously stored my bicycle in their spacious garage until I come up with the money to ship it back.
Absolute Bikes and Outdoor Adventures

Two bicycle shops were a great help to me, one before the big ride, and the other during.

Absolute Bikes in Salida, CO got me prepared and ready and introduced me to hardcase tires. While on the road, Outdoor Adventures in Las Cruces was a competent, friendly and sweet refuge after having a number of flat tires thanks to those stinky goathead thorns, Interstate 10's messy shoulder and my thin inner tubes. Read my Day 12 report to read specifics about how I discovered much thicker inner tubes! :)

Their websites are www.absolutebikes.com and www.outdooradventures-lc.com.

Tom Vossman

It's safe to say Tom Vossman of Houston, TX, who was also biking across America at the time, saved my ass! In a two day period, I had six flat tires and had run out of inner tubes. If I had not run into Tom and his SAG, I would have been in big trouble. For two days, I enjoyed riding with Tom (when I wasn't dealing with flats), and I think our encounter made my Day 11 write-up a special one. :)

Tom's charity that helps fight cancer is www.racingforcancer.org.

Krista In San Diego

As I looked into airfare to return to California, it seemed the cheapest and simplest flight among all southern Californian airports would be to fly into San Diego. However, with my car in Orange County, how would I get there? This is where my dear friend Krista, a San Diego native, got involved. She helped put me up one night and generously drove me to Orange County the next morning. It was good to see an old friend and catch up with her, not to mention she saved me a lot of money! Thanks Krista! :)

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