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How To Financially Support This Trip

This trip was mainly funded by myself (Steve), but I couldn't have done it alone. The long list below includes every person who gave. Thank you! :)

Funding Goal: $4875
Current Amount Raised: $4875
(100% of funds raised)

Donor List - Thank you!

John Robinett
Kevin Tasker
Mark Mullins (Mark's Home Page)
Patrick Caldwell
Aimee Spencer
Steve Garufi (Colorado Guy)
Mark Shaw
Samantha Hunter (Samantha Hunter)
Babette Morrow
Leah Hansen
Phil Ladden
Nell Stewart
Allan Collins (Colorado Web Design)
Glenda Kennedy
Daniel Detzi
Gentry Dinsmore
Debbie Price
Don in Montana
Marilyn, my wonderful ex-coworker
Ben Simo
Chris Garby
Jessica Reese
Lisa McIntosh
Beatrice Trezevant (Trezevant Art)
Mike & Jo Green
Jennifer Gonzalez
Patrice Wullschleger
Cheryl Monaghan (Cheryl's Blog)
Garry Duke
Bill and Clare Butler
Victoria Ring (Victoria's Business Services)
Jeb and Tina Bynum
Jeff Bassill
Brian Perry
Bobby Aspinall
Ark Collective Backpacks
Dan Tognazzini
Josh Loopstra
Tom Vossman (Racing for Cancer)
Duncan Cameron
Brad Rohrich
Dale Dawson
Kelly Comstock
Days Inn in Snyder, TX
Anonymous man in Roby, TX
Jeff Blaylock
Lori Bell
Best Western Markita Inn in Durant, OK
Angie Wilson
Risa Ratliff
Smith Family in Collierville, TN
Mike Borcherding
James Williams
Mitch in Oregon
Bryan Pistole
Bob East
George Flavin in Tallahassee, FL
Jenny Arata

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